Local Food

Monmouthshire was the first winner of the “Best Food Tourism Destination” in the True Taste of Wales Awards.

Abergavenny Gateway to Wales, monthly farmer’s market and home of the renowned Food Festival which for the past eleven years has drawn thousands of visitors to Abergavenny in September.

Don’t forget to order a Middle Ninfa salad during your visit

Middle Ninfa Farm produces fresh vegetables, salads, fruit and duck eggs in our little mountain retreat which you can enjoy when you stay in our bunkhouse or campsite.

Buy local: save yourself the hassle of bringing food from your supermarket – and save food miles!

We can provide for most of you needs from the farm or order in local and organic food [especially for those arriving by public transport or bicycle]. (Please note that for outside orders we need one week notice).

    • Seasonal veg and salad from Middle Ninfa, Tyr Mawr Organics or Abergavenny monthly  Farmer’s Market
  • Meat and cheese from Edwards, Abergavenny, or the farmer’s market.  Local venison, lamb, black beef, pheasant and other game usually available.
  • Fruit from Mid fresh or frozen, also jams and preserves.
  • Free range duck eggs from Middle Ninfa or hen’s eggs from a  neighbouring farm.
  • Organic milk from Waitrose.
  • Wide range of herbs from Middle Ninfa.
  • Honey from our own bees or a nearby producer if our bees fail to deliver.
  • “Blorenge Pekoe” – Middle Ninfa Farm home grown and processed tea! Our plants have taken a battering in the last two severe winters but hopefully this will again be available in 2013.

Please phone to order your veggie, fruit and meat boxes or take pot luck on arrival and we can direct you to places where you can buy what we don’t have available.

Tyr Mawr organics produce a list of items available and prices which you can obtain by emailing them on orders@ty-mawr-organic-veg.co.uk

As a guide, veg/salad boxes will usually contain a mix of seasonal vegetables, potatoes, rocket, watercress and other green leaves.  A £5 box should suffice for a couple for the weekend, £10 box for a family.

A fruit box from us will include apples, pears, plums, damsons, apricots, rhubarb, quince, strawberries, raspberries (long season), grapes, red, white and blackcurrants, gooseberries – when in season.