Middle Ninfa Farm
Llanelen, Abergavenny
Monmouthshire NP7 9LE
Tel: +44 (0)1873 854662

(Ordnance Survey Grid Ref: SO 285115)

Co-ordinates for Satnav :

Lat. 51deg 47min 54.66secN

Long. 3 deg 2min 14.53sec W

Arriving by car:

Middle Ninfa is located approximately two miles from the A465 (Hereford/Neath), A40 (Brecon/Monmouth and M50) and A4042 (Newport, M4). The farm is reached by a steep winding tarmaced road from Llanfoist, crossing the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal.

Please note that many SatNav and Google maps direct our visitors to nearby farms rather than Middle Ninfa Farm as these share the same postcode. For detailed directions by car please click Directions-to-Middle-Ninfa-Farm-for-carsDirections-to-Middle-Ninfa-Farm-for-cars-pdf

All drivers should be asked to download a copy of our directions to avoid upsetting elderly neighbours or getting stuck on our drive. In the event you lose traction on the drive apply handbrake and first gear and come to get help. Do not try to reverse down the drive as it is tricky without help.

Local Transport                                                   


Cars parked in lower field


The nearest bus stop is at Llanfoist (1.5 miles)
The train station is at Abergavenny (3.5 miles)
Taxis from the station cost approximately £8.00

Directions-walking-to-Middle-Ninfa-Farm from railway, bus stations and town.

Directions-for-cyclists-from-Abergavenny-railway-or-bus-station (3) from railway station and bus station.

There is parking for cars, bicycles and horses

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