Middle Ninfa’s small secluded campsite is rated number three in the UK by the Tiny Campsite Guide and is also featured in the Guardian newspaper’s ‘Ten best secluded campsites’ and the Daily Telegraph’s Britain’s best small campsites.

With superb views over the Vale of Usk and the Skirrid Mountain  the site has access to a compost toilet, sink, ablutions block and running water.

A second ablution block is now open with solar powered warm water shower and pot washing sink, compost toilet, changing space and wash basin. There is also filtered water available here for filling water bottles. The amount of warm water available will vary widely depending on weather and day length. It is located in the willow coppice on a level with the main camp site. A short cut leads from Stone Circle and Small Leaved Lime pitches.

Use of tennis court/croquet lawn/boules included.

  • Camp fires are permitted but you must buy bags of firewood from us or bring your own [preferably already cut up]. Do not gather firewood from hedges or woodland. Use the fire pit that is already there; don’t make a new one please. If the ash needs clearing, do tell us. If you bring your own firewood please tell us when you check in.
  • Sadly the popular sauna is no longer available as it was destroyed by fire in 2014.
  • Please note- you cannot park your car beside your tent on any of the sites. We cannot accommodate trailer tents or camper vans.
  • You are welcome to borrow wheelbarrows to carry your kit to and from your pitch. Please return them asap for others to use.
  • We accept dogs only by arrangement, provided they are kept well under control and will not disturb other campers eg by barking at wildlife at night, or chase sheep grazing in the fields. There is a pit for faeces but please no plastic bags in the pit.
  • There is a horse and usually sheep grazing in the fields. Fly likes human company and campfires. If you are uncomfortable with horses or allergic then please choose one of the woodland pitches, hollow beech or main site where the horse has no access. Do NOT feed the horse anything other than grass!
    Eyeball-to-Eyeball at Deri pitch over campfire

    Eyeball-to-Eyeball over campfire at Deri Pitch.


    small leaf lime tom isabelle 2

D of E Award journeys  Our main site is ideal for young people on Duke of Edinburgh Award journeys and we have hosted a number of groups. We are close to a number of trails including the Usk Valley Walk. Thanks to a kind neighbour, we have been able to arrange overnight storage for canoes close to canal bridge no 95 for those canoeing the Monmouthshire and Brecon canal.

Camping Prices  £5 per person per night plus pitch fee.

Children aged 3-13 half price. Dogs £2.50.

Pitch fee: Stone Circle, Deri, The Sett and main site pitches £10 per night. Other [smaller] pitches £5 pn.                          Minimum stay for advance bookings in high season- two nights.   Firewood £3 per bag

Longer stay discount- after third night we do not charge the pitch fee, just £5 per person per night.

Remote sites  We have seven small sites away           Are you coming out to play

from the main camping area and

ablutions, each of which is only ever

booked to a single group.  All have a

reasonably level more-or-less grassy terrace and


                                            Don’t be surprised to find Fly waiting for                                              you to come out to play in the morning!

Stone Circle  The site occupies a terrace formed behind an ancient stone wall, long since collapsed.  Views over the Usk Valley to the south below the canopy of veteran oaks. It is 120 metres from the  ablution block.  Space for 3 or 4 tents [ 3-man] in a line.

Dixe’s  This pitch where Dixe Wills, author of “Tiny Campsites” guide, stayed is secluded and has room for one  tent [up to 5 X 4 meters] in a shallow scoop [or two small tents].  It is the closest to the main site, 70 m.  In late April/May it is surrounded by bluebells and other wild flowers. Our beehive is not far away.

Deri  Deri (which means oak in Welsh) occupies a natural bowl beneath a copse of giant oak & beech trees. Space for a tent or yurt up to 5m diameter plus another smaller tent. It offers a commanding view over the farm and faces north towards the Skirrid Mountain. Well worth the   100 yd hike up the field to it.

Skirrid View  This site [5m X 3m] accommodates 1 or  2 small tents [2-man or small 3-man] at the lower edge of the upper southern field. Lovely views but no shade. Easy walk along the fairly level track from main gate, about 100 yards.

Skirrid View pitch

Skirrid View pitch

Small Leaved Lime  This pitch [between Dixe and Stone Circle] is named after the uncommon tree growing nearby. It accommodates  one  small tent [up to 4m X 3m] and gives great views to the south-east, but well protected from other directions. About 120yd from toilet.

Forest pitch  This pitch is in a scoop deep in the woodland under a  leafy canopy for just one tent up to 4m×3m. It is close to our badger run – so no dogs. Bring red torches if you wish to badger watch. It is a stiff walk up and can be slippery in wet weather.

The Sett  This is a larger pitch [6m X 4 m] so can accommodate 2 tents. It is very close to the badger sett so no dogs. It is freer draining after rain and less steep than the Forest pitch

Hollow Beech  This pitch occupies the site previously used by the Celtic Roundhouse. It has the best view of all the pitches. 120m from the toilet block. Dimensions of pitch 4m X 3m.

Main site  There are 3 pitches which take larger tents. These are closest to the toilets and the car park so often prefered by families with babies and those staying just one night. Pitches 1 and 2 share a firepit.

Wild Camping     Wild camping is possible either using hammocks or shelters. There are willow frames of several part built shelters near Stone Circle.  The best pitches for hammocks are The Sett, Forest and Stone Circle.         

wild camping near Deri

Wild camping near Deri


Firewood is available at £3 per bag.

Please do not collect firewood from the woodland, either cut or uncut, nor burn the log seats we have provided for those who don’t bring chairs.

There are two compost toilets. If you wish to go more “rustic” and be independent of the ablution block,  please ask.

Stew's ready

Stew’s ready

Filtered drinking water is available outside the shower block.

Waste We are avid recyclers and composters and there are recycling bins and a wormery near the main site. We ask guests arriving by car & staying for just 2 or 3 days to take home all non-recyclable waste (eg plastic film). We have had a few people hide away bags of rubbish. If you do not accept this policy then please choose another campsite! But if you have travelled here by train, foot or bicycle or stay for a longer period then please bring your sorted waste to the house and do not leave it outside. Thanks for your co-operation.

Horses, cats, dogs – they are all friendly but are also partial to a salad or juicy steak so beware! Please do not feed them. Otherwise they risk becoming a serious nuisance to other campers. There are stray cats [as well as our own one] and the occasional black dog from a neighbouring farm [please let us know if Emrys is around]. It is ok to feed the ducks, within reason, but they do not like a cuddle so keep your distance.

There are a number of excellent walks from the site which is situated within the Brecon Beacons National Park and close to Blaenavon World Heritage Site. Please ask to borrow laminated guides and maps for local walking and cycling routes, but please ensure you return them to the house.

Buy Your Provisions Locally  These are available from us or other local producers and fair trade outlets which are plentiful in the county. We can provide duck eggs [usually], salads, fruit and veg, jams and other preserves. Click here for more information on other local producers. Local shops, pubs and restaurants are 2 – 3 miles away in Abergavenny. Please also see section on Local attractions.


Barrows available to help move kit

Office hours Please try to time your arrival, departure [settling up], telephone and other enquiries to normal office hours whenever possible.  Note-We are closed to new arrivals on Fridays between 10pm and 8 am, and from 9pm to 8am other nights, except by special arrangement.  Our lunch break is 1-1.45pm. If your arrival is unavoidably delayed eg by traffic congestion please phone to warn us before 9pm.  Normally campers settle up when they leave but if you are leaving early morning or lunchtime, please come the previous day.

Email is our preferred medium for bookings:


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